• Is it possible to bring home freshly ground coffee from the store and not make a pot right away?  Are there people who do not become drunk on the scent on their way home and can actually put it away?
  • Should I bother reading Charles Frazier’s new book?  The New Yorker review made me want to cancel my hold (I’m currently #1, suspended while a decision is made) – should I let the 112 suckers after me have at it?
  • How many knitting projects is it reasonable to have on the kitchen table at any given moment?
  • I love salmon.
  • And chocolate pudding, homemade.
  • I really don’t want to do a lab on security for one of my classes.  Really.
  • What looked like a greyhound just ran down the street.  Have they relocated the track?
  • The first tape of Holidays on Ice got stuck in the player.  Before I could listen to any of it.  I’m pissed. 1) because it’s stuck and 2) because I can’t listen to it on the way to work today.
  • I voted.