C is For Crying and Couches

I spent most of the day on the couch.  First this morning doing tech geeky assignments like learning html and mastering the art of listening to your own recorded voice without stuffing your ears full of cotton wool (what on earth is cotton wool anyway?  I always see that expression in books and wonder…a blend of cotton and wool?  Why not just one or the other if you’re only stuffing your ears?)  Then tonight after work, reading Saving Francesca.  Which is pretty much perfect for what it is.  The emotions are believeably complex, the plot is uncluttered, the characters grow & change & say shitty things to each other.  Okay, I confess, it had me in tears at the end.  In a happy way.  Which sounds so, so…not the person I like to pretend I am.  But, I am.  That person.  Who cries over novels aimed at teenagers.

Tomorrow I must move around.