I’m excited about Thanksgiving.   Last year, apparently, I wasn’t.  Which is funny, because it turned out all right.

It’s at home this year.  Well, my parents’ house, which still = home on occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My mom even asked if I wanted to sleep over.  Um, no thanks?  I live ten minutes away.

Anyway, there will somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 people.  I’m bringing over my chairs and last year’s black bottom coconut pie.  Cousin Jon is bringing his award-winning rolls, Di her broccoli casserole.  The young men have been charged with store bought pies.  I tell myself, as I do most years, that this year I will learn how to do the turkey.  Chances are I will ditch at the first sign of giblets, and come back to help with the potatoes.

It’s even crossed my mind to put on the Christmas tape (now in CD format, but forever in our minds “The Christmas Tape.”

Part of all this is the fact that I’m back in school.  School puts me back in that frame of mind, where every holiday is looked forward to and fondly remembered.  Where it means a break from typing mind-numbing papers and html by hand.

What am I Thankful For this year? (Apart from, you know, the big ones like Family and Friends and Health and the Earth Continuing to Spin)

  • That little button that creates a link for me, instead of me typing out the code and realized later that I forgot to add a crucial ” or >
  • Ugly Mug coffee
  • The library.  Where I must right now or I shall be late.