Who needs to make breakfast when you can just nibble on the extra pie crust dough?

Like Bronwen,  I do a little bit of a freak-out over pie crust.  Actually, that’s not true.  I just don’t make them.  I can’t remember the last time I did.  I’m not good at that whole “creating a circle and then transferring it to pie pan and tucking in ends nicely” thing.  It’s not that it’s hard, it’s just that it never looks terribly pretty.  Anyway, it’s just the base in this pie, there’s no top, so I don’t feel too insecure about how it looks.

Also, I love rolling pins.  Maybe I’ll ask for my own for Christmas.  I did a barter with my mother to obtain hers.  Actually, what happened is this.  She demanded that I bring over my chairs (to seat the 16+ people attending).  She wanted them on Tuesday.  Why, I do not claim to know.  I compromised by bringing two over last night.  Then I stole her rolling pin.

What do three siblings (aged 25, 21 and 18) do when they haven’t seen each other in two months?  Retreat to the 21 year old’s room, light every candle in the room (10?  15?) and chuckle gleefully about ritual sacrifices.  Then they make hot cocoa and discuss the flavor of the milk (raw – slightly gamey these days).

My pie crust is currently cooling by the window.  Why is the window open in November, you might ask?  A preventative measure against the super-sensitive smoke detector going off AGAIN.  Because I am too lazy to investigate the oven when it is cool to find out what keeps smoking.

I am assembling my ingredients on the counter, TV cooking show style.  Perhaps I will soon start narrating my culinary endeavors, like the person who wrote the New Yorker article on cooking shows.  Except I don’t watch cooking shows.  I listen to NPR.   “Now, we whisk together our dry ingredients.  We’re slowly going to pour in the milk, and then gently heat it on the stove.  Whoops, there goes the smoke alarm again!  No need to panic, folks, we’ll just wave a towel in front of it for a minute.  Would someone mind opening the window?  Yes, you over there in the front row, thanks.  Okay, crack an egg and let it slide in…”