I can’t stop reading.

On Friday night I started Dairy Queen.  On Saturday morning, I parked myself on the red couch with coffee, toast, applesauce, and the book.  And I didn’t get up until they were ALL finished.

Then I started reading It’s Kind of a Funny Story.  Which, it is.  Also very engrossing.  Also makes me feel a little crazy.  So, naturally, I read it pretty much incessantly from 6:30pm until it was gone.

Today I managed to do other, non-reading things.  Like go to church, have brunch with 80% of my family, do some school work, and put some time into that other compulsion, the Christmas Puzzle.  See, my dear roommate has a tradition.  Of trying, and failing, to complete this terrible, horrible puzzle, where all the colors are muted and all the edges are soft and it is EXACTLY the size of the dining room table.  So this year we are going to FINISH IT.  Hours will pass by with both of us hunched over the puzzle.  But we Can’t Stop.

Next up, a few more titles for the mock Printz.  Rules of Survival and Stay with Me are on my shelf but they both look…depressing.  With subject headings like “abuse” and “suicide” – wow, I can’t wait to jump in!  I’m also working on Miniatures by Norah Labiner – which I like, but it’s so dense.  Almost no dialogue, few paragraph breaks…it sucks me in but I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.  Also, who on earth recommended this to me?  It’s bugging me that I can’t remember.  But again, it deals with suicide.  My other book of the moment is Remains of the Day.  Again with the upliftingness!