Well, it’s about time.  My high school finally started giving back to me.

My roommate’s boyfriend just happens to have been in my graduating class, and he just happens to work at our high school.  This weekend just happened to have been the annual holiday gala event, which he just happened to slave over.

Dear Roommate and I just happened to need a Christmas tree and boyfriend/former classmate just happens to drive a truck.  So we just happened to call him and ask if we could use it for tree-carting purposes.

He just happened to be cleaning up from the holiday gala, and there just happened to be an abundance of trees that they were trying to get rid of.

So we drove over to the Doug Fir Burial Ground (lined up in neat little rows awaiting interment) and picked one out and saved him from a fate worse than death, although he did have to be separated from his brother Doug, and his cousin Doug, and his uncle Doug…you get the idea.

Free Christmas tree!  No strapping it to the roof of my car!  No headache, no fuss, and a tour of the new school library thrown in for free!

Now I just need to dig out the ornaments.

But really, it’s about time that high school education started paying off.