• I created a website.  With eleven whole pages, handcoded, and a table, also handcoded.  I feel irrationally proud of this.  I know, I know, you’re dying to see it – but it’s password protected (at least, I think it is).
  • Tackled the art of book reviewing for aforementioned website.
  • In the process, remembered how much I LOVE Octavian Nothing (inordinantly).
  • Participated in a perhaps groundbreaking game of rock-paper-scissors in an online chat session with my group members.  At stake?  Who had to write the introduction and conclusion to our group paper.  Rock beat scissors.  We then decided the conclusion should be: “In conclusion, none of us wanted to write this paper, which led to a game of Rock Paper Scissors to assign responsibility.”
  • Yet again did not manage to go to my parents’ and dig out my Christmas ornaments, leaving the (free!) tree in a startlingly near-nude condition.
  • Wanted to swallow whole Case Histories (I love that cover), but resisted.