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Last night I stayed up until I’d finished Case Histories.  It did not disappoint.  One of those books where you are figuring out little clues along the way, but as with Behind the Scenes at the Museum, it still hits you at the end – the unveiling, as it were, of the secret.  I just read an interview with Kate Atkinson where said that it wasn’t until she got to the end of Behind the Scenes that she figured out what it was that Ruby had lost.  “I knew she had lost something, and I knew it was something incredibly important, and she didn’t know what it was.”  So, if you haven’t already, get on the Kate Atkinson bandwagon.

Naturally, the first thing I did after closing the book was open up my laptop and put One Good Turn on hold.  I was disappointed to see that twenty-something people were ahead of me in line, but I figured that’s the price I pay for waiting until I’d finished Case Histories.  When, duh, I knew I’d want to read the sequel.

This morning I checked my holds to see how many free spots I had, and transfer over more of my “to read” list.  Miraculously, overnight, I moved up to #5.  I know how the library works, and that is pretty much impossible.  It’s not like the county just added 20 more copies – there are 22 people in line after me.  22 people do not put a Kate Atkinson book on hold in less than 10 hours.

Clearly, I am favored by the library gods.

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