• I am irrationally irritated with the person who has disc 4 of the Up Series (35 Up) out overdue – because I am the next hold and dammit, I want it NOW. TURN IT BACK IN, LIBRARY SCUM. That’s probably not a very charitable thing to say since I have disc 5 checked out and am planning on keeping it out overdue if 4 doesn’t come in before Friday.
  • One Good Turn is in transit. Sweet library victory. I suppose this balances out the Up Series fiasco. Maybe Library Scum was in line for OGT and the library gods had us change places.
  • The problem with graphic novels is that it’s so hard to stop once you start. So easy to turn page after page after…I’m reading American Born Chinese for the mock Printz whatsit and I don’t know what my Opinion of it is other than that I find it dangerous to pick up. Also, I don’t find it following a predictable trajectory which is refreshing.
  • Have you read A Drowned Maiden’s Hair yet? Why not? It’s going on my Top 5 Orphan Stories list pronto. It’s got seances, orphans, slightly wicked old ladies, a deaf-mute, and the beach.