Can I get any Australian bloggers to carry out an assassination mission for me?  There’s this professor, and she really shouldn’t be allowed to teach.  It’s been a long time since I’ve checked off those “very poor” boxes on a teacher evaluation, and oh, did it feel good.  The latest?  I asked her two time sensitive questions in an email.  She responded to one and then went on Christmas vacation.  Thanks, thanks a lot.

In other news, I was the person in the game aisle at Tarjay carrying on a cell phone conversation about goat reproduction.

I started Life as We Knew It and stayed up past 2 am reading.  Okay, that isn’t as wow as it sounds because it was already past 1 when I started, but still.  It’s damn creepy.   Just look at the cover.  I’ve got to show this to my mom, who once had a dream where the moon was slowly coming closer and closer to the earth.

In other news, my family laughed itself into hysterics on Saturday night (the occasion being my father’s 55th birthday).  As is the way with hysterics, it’s no longer possible to remember what was so funny.  Suffice to say there were tears running down my cheeks and I felt like I needed to be breathing into a paper bag.  Then my sister got out A Christmas Carol and started reading it.

I put together an album of old family pictures (from my dad’s childhood) for him, so look forward to some stunning photos as soon as I bother to download them.  I’ve been on computer strike since maybe Thursday.