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I am like the lemming, or rather like the stereotypical rather than actual lemming.

Because school and work isn’t enough for me (in other words, because I am crazy), I find myself drawn to the Winter Classics Challenge. I’m thinking of plucking all of these from my ‘own but have never read‘ collection (because one challenge is not enough)

The Shortlist*:

  1. The Woman in White
  2. Madame Bovary
  3. Can You Forgive Her?
  4. A Passage to India
  5. Crime and Punishment (hahaha! Just kidding! I’m not that crazy. Plus I need a better translation than the one I own before I try to tackle this again).

5. (For real) The BFG (this counts as a classic, right?)

*Subject to change before January.

Edit: I’m switching A Passage to India with Brideshead Revisited.  I think.  I mean, I AM reading Brideshead Revisited, but I might ditch another title instead of the Forster.

Dear Family and Friends,

Since beginning library school, my wants are few and geeky.  Here are a few simple ideas for Christmas gifts.

How about a Guerilla Librarian mug?

Or wait, a Book Sniffer mug!

Or a library logo t-shirt?

A Bookworm t-shirt? (Or sticker or magnet or hell, even a tracksuit.  Anything from that site.)

YES! “Catalog This” antelope t-shirt! (Because I heart library school inside jokes turned into t-shirts by brilliant people.)  (Please please please?)



(Thanks, Fuse #8, for the links!)

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