If you’re not already watching Brotherhood 2.0, why NOT?  It’s my new favorite form of serialized entertainment.  (Okay, admittedly there aren’t really any contenders).  But it’s gold.

I have things to say about The View From Saturday.  But not quite yet.

So far, in my life, 2007 has been primarily comprised of 1) waffles and 2) gin rummy.  I’ve also managed to knock out ten books, which equals .5 books every day.  At this rate (which I will not keep up) I will read 182.5 books in 2007 (and I didn’t even need to call a mathematician to figure that out, so there).   So that’s it, right there, my top 3 activities.  I actually lost track of how many waffles I ate today (now there would be an annual total worth tracking!) because I started off with a fairly standard 2 for breakfast (they’re banana waffles, by the way) and somewhere around lunchtime and my third cup of tea, I got the leftover batter out and snacked on them until the batter was gone.  Is that not the most fascinating thing you’ve read so far this year?