We’re 14 days into the Winter Classics Challenge and I’ve finally managed to finish one.  If all books were equal, I would have about 11 days to read each book.  So I suppose I’m doing okay, but next up is The Woman in White (did you know that Wilkie Collins had “author of The Woman in White” inscribed on his tombstone?) which checks in at an impressive 564 pages in my beat-up library discard paperback (I’m not sure if the cover will remain intact for the entire reading).

So, 1 down, 4 to go:

  1. Brideshead Revisited
  2. The Woman in White
  3. The BFG
  4. Madame Bovary
  5. Can You Forgive Her?

I quite liked Brideshead Revisited, even though I felt like half the jokes went over my head.  It dragged a bit at times, but maybe because I thought those bits were supposed to be serious but really they were sidesplittingly funny?  Probably not, but they could have been.  Partly, I read it so I could get the miniseries with Jeremy Irons and not feel like a cheat.  I like to have read the book, it makes me feel like a better person.