When I left the house this morning, I followed my roommate’s ski tracks to the park.  On the way, I ran into a couple other skiers.  And kids on sleds.  And dogs bounding gleefully.

I joyfully arose from my bed this morning at 7:30 upon hearing the wonderful word: snow.  The dear roommate and I ate our waffles, drank our coffee, and suited up.  She headed out to the park and then I followed, snow piling up on my scarf and hood.  I would have picture, because everything is perfect and pristine, with the snow filling in footprints and car tracks almost as soon as they’re made, but I didn’t want my camera to be covered in snow.  My ginormous and warm work parka made me feel like the kid in A Christmas Story.  I could almost put my arms down.  I made a snow angel for the first time in a million years.

Now we’re inside warming up.  More skiers just went past.  Kids are roaming the streets with snowballs and snow discs and cackling maniacally.

Classic snow day.  Good thing I made beef stew yesterday and stocked up on cream for the coffee.