I finished it!  I finished it!  All it took was one good snow day.

Okay, here’s the terrible thing about this snow day I took.  My job (corporate, natch) is considering it an Unexcused Absence in spite of the fact that I asked for a sick day.  Because roads covered in snow and (possibly) ice and a million wrecked cars from the idiots who decided to drive today – that’s not a good reason to stay home.  Oh, no.  One should attempt the drive to work, even though businesses surrounding ours closed their evening shifts.  Me, I prefer to play it safe and not risk life, limb or car going to work at 4:00 pm and returning at 9-freaking-thirty at night.  Call me crazy.  Call me unexcused.

I have a quilt to show for it (just, oh, eight months after the baby was born).