Three to go…in the Winter Classics Challenge.  I kept my weary eyes propped open with decorative toothpicks until 1 am to finish The Woman in White.  As soon as I realized I was a mere 100 pages from the end, the drive to finish came upon me, and finish I did.  It took 10 days of reading nothing else (except school stuff).  Usually, if a book takes that long, it means I’ve taken a break to read something else.  No breaks for me!

I have to say, though, that right up to the end I didn’t really care what happened to Laura.  I liked Walter and Marian.  I thought Marian deserved better than being the maiden aunt, so what if she’s not as pretty as Laura.  Fosco, Fosco was just brilliantly creepy.  And the uncle was deliciously obnoxious.  It was really the villains, big or small, who made the book.

Now I’m zipping through River Secrets because I’ve had it out forever and someone else has it on hold.  It’s so quick!  After this, my next classic shall be…Madame Bovary.