From Sea of Trolls, the most awesome book I’ve read this week. Okay, that isn’t saying much. But it is awesome, and if you’ve never read any Nancy Farmer, you are in for a treat. I’d only read The Ear, the Eye and the Arm before, but that was more than enough to convince me of her extra-ordinary word powers. Flawed heroes, bad guys that you grow to love, large-scale adventure, a hint of magic, Norse legends, bards, trolls, giant boars…oh, and a caution against pillaging: just say no.

“You’re not to join in the fight,” Olaf said.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jack.

“I know how exciting pillaging is,” the giant said fondly, ruffling Jack’s hair. It felt like a blow. “No matter how much you’re tempted, just say no.”

“Just say no to pillaging. You got it.”

What’s not to love? And how will I manage to write a review without gushing all over the class message boards?

Speaking of suffering, I have WAY too much lentil soup. If anyone wants some, come on over and dig in. It won’t go away, and I don’t like lentil soup that much.

I just got three books in the mail yesterday, and, God help me, I don’t know where to put them. I had an Amazon voucher – you know how it goes – and I think I can squeeze Anno’s Spain (new to me! dear, dear Anno) onto my picture book shelf. But I despair of finding a spot for The King of Attolia (which I want to marry) and Girl in a Tangerine Scarf…Maybe if I buy a new bookshelf?  Or two?  I recently saw a picture of a house where literally every wall was covered in built-in shelves/cubbies.  I want.