I’m slouching around in my pajamas, drinking Irish Breakfast (what is so Irish about it, anyway?) and listening to class lectures and cleaning out the 100+ emails in my school account, when I’m overcome with a fit of zealousness and decide it’s time to dress and go for a nice long walk.

I’m about to pull on my bedraggled sneakers when I notice I have a new voicemail.  It’s the Katy-who-didn’t-leave-town-when-she-got-hitched, asking if I want to go for a hike with her & the girls.  Two hours ago.

But I call back anyway, because you never know how long it will take to leave the house with a three-year-old and a baby.  Turns out she had just been asking Q if she was ready for a walk, but she didn’t want to go without me.


Hopefully the paths won’t be too muddy and no one will slip and fall and embarrass themselves (ie, me).

In other news, I got my first address for the Modern Letter Project – yippee!  Now the pressure’s on…

Also in other news, I started The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B...and I’m hooked.  I think I read half of it yesterday.  Makes me endlessly happy that I don’t live in 18th century France.