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I just got off the phone with my mom, who had left me a message asking if I wanted to have lunch and then ditched me.  Whatever.  Apparently, my Mormon great-aunt (doesn’t everyone have a Mormon great-aunt?  It seems like such an archetypal character) has put together a little book of family genealogy/history/photos, and sent my family a copy.  No surprise there, this is what Mormon great-aunts LIVE for.  That and raising several dozen children, so as to create ever more elaborate genealogies in the future.

My mom was flipping through it (it’s my dad’s side of the family) and said she  just wanted a nice family tree so she could keep track of everyone.  “All those Swedes, for God’s sake!” she said.  “And the Duckworths, and the Tildens…!”  I admit, the Swedes ARE overwhelming.  It’s the names, I think, hard to keep them all straight.

In keeping with this genealogy fest, I’m continuing my March is Historical Fiction campaign of ’07.  I finished up Accidents of Nature (and concluded that it is, indeed, historical fiction) and am moving right along to Our Only May Amelia.  Which, sadly, has the most craptastic cover ever.  So craptastic, in fact, that no one wants to put it online anymore.  I had to go to Amazon UK to find a picture.

The paperback version is such a vast improvement that I weep with relief.

When will they have mercy on poor Jennifer Holm?  Why must she be subjected to these book covers?  She won a Newbery Honor, for crying out loud, so you’d think they’d have given her something better for Penny From Heaven.  Of course not.

Although I suppose it’s an improvement over the original cover for May Amelia, so perhaps the paperback will actually be exciting?  She’s got nowhere to go but up, right?

Speaking of up, look at the weather, will you!  It’s…well, I resort to the words of Brideshead Revisited:

“Like a leprechaun.”

 ”Dappled, in a tapestry meadow.”

“Like a flute by still water.”

“A prophet in a cave.”

“…And this is a necklace of pearls on white neck.”

“Like a swan.”

“Like the last unicorn.”

I went for another walk yesterday with K & co., and this time we were greeted by blue skies and balmy breezes and birdsong instead of hail.  We pulled off our layers and rolled up our sleeves, we frolicked, we admired mushrooms, we ran uphill.

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