Ah, Historical Fiction Month continues in full force.  While not all technically historical fiction, I am using my librarian-in-training superpowers to make them so.  Just to review, so far we’ve got:

  • The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.  A good solid read for anyone who never knew they wanted to know all about Rose, excuse me, Josephine Bonaparte.  Sequel awaiting me on my bookshelf.
  • Hattie Big Sky.  Determined orphan heroine.  Prejudice.  Homesteading.  Influenza.  Just enough in the way of little surprises to keep you on your toes.
  • Year of Wonders.  Read it.  Seriously.  It’s catching, kinda like the plague.  It will consume you (no boils, though, thank God).  Although I had to stretch my suspension of disbelief a bit for the ending, I must say I never saw a particular twist coming.
  • Accidents of Nature.  Set in 1970, so it totally counts as HF.  This was somehow not what I expected, and I mean that in a good way.  Set in a cripple camp, makes you realize what idiots some of people are.  “You’ll never walk alone”?  Priceless.
  • Our Only May Amelia.  Oh May Amelia, why did you have to make me cry so?  I’m also really intrigued by the ‘voice’ in the book – all told as if casually relating a story rather than formal and all with “quotes.”
  • The King of Attolia.  So not historical fiction…but it feels historical.  Loosely modeled on ancient Greece and all that.  It was painful to finish it.  (Even the second time around.)  I feel as though it has been violently wrenched from my side.  Speaking of…
  • The Thirteenth Tale.  Apart from the twin fetish, I enjoyed this.  Okay, I had a few other quibbles with it, like annoyances with Margaret and the tone and…did the Angelfields have to be quite so insane?  But, the twists and turns were fun.  I listened to it on my ipod, and at work at that, and there were quite a few moments when I would stop, mouth agape, hoping no one would come across me until the tense moment had resolved itself.  Wanna talk spoilers?  Shoot me an email.  (I know who you are.)
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