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A mark of my insanity – I feel like it’s an hour later than the clock says it is, when I really ought to be feeling like it’s an hour earlier.

An unfortunate incident – while playing gin rummy, Kitri and I started setting all of our dialogue to the tune of “Dancing Cheek to Cheek.”  Not only did we succeed in aggravating Travis (not an unfortunate incident, in our opinions), we also got the song stuck.  It’s kinda like doing the tone thing – “I am winning at gin rummy in the eight tone” – except more obnoxious.  Goodness, it’s been ages since I set anything to the tones.  Part of the problem is knowing them but not knowing which is which.

An addiction – black licorice scotty dogs.  Chewy goodness.

A puzzlement – how do I have 22 things checked out of the library?  Fourteen are books, 4 audio books, 4 DVDs.  Fourteen? Really?  What ARE they?  And six more items waiting to be picked up.  Although, as my roommate says, I always say that (“so many books!”) but somehow I always manage to get through them.

A broken promise – I fell off the historical fiction wagon.  I’ll get back up, though, just let me finish one more contemporary YA…

A sign of hope – warm enough to leave a window open all day.

Another one – trees in pink bloom.

Yet another – and Kate will wish she’d never moved – when retail spaces are for lease in the neighborhood, we often play the “what should open there?” game.  What does Hippiewood lack?  We have an ample supply of coffee shops, a bookstore (now two), a bakery, a grocery, a plentitude of restaurants, toy store, salons…you get the picture.  Currently we’re missing a gelato shop, but I haven’t given up hope.  But this one didn’t even cross my mind.  The other day I noticed that the former home of Tacky Bridal is about to become…wait for it…A CLOG STORE.  Sweet fancy Moses, my dreams are coming true.  I’m sure the gelato will follow close behind.

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