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Yesterday was really a little too Roman for my tastes.  Plenty of backstabbing, and no quantity of et tu-ing could bring about a little repentance.  It got me, and it got me good.  No looking back on yesterday’s part!

All was going along swimmingly.  The crowds were calling my name and the people loved me, I got caught up on all the end-of-quarter stuff I’d been putting off, I raked out huge quantities of evergreen leaves from around the bushes in front of the abode.  Then the first blow came, they turned against me as I left for work.  And lo, my tire was flat.  But just keep me going, to bolster my spirits and think everything would be just fine, my dear roommate was “working from home” and was able to give me a lift

And then, oh, and then!  Instead of having the usual two coworkers to help me with the fast paced, time sensitive portion of the evening, the part where people keep throwing more things at you to do, and usually it’s fine because there are 3 of us (or at least 2) and we split things up and it all gets done, no stress.  Instead of three…there was just me.

Yeah, that was fun.

It’s called STAFFING.  When someone, or two someones, have the day off, you’re supposed to have one of those floats cover for them.

Then everything was okay.  My dad picked me up from work and we discussed the transportation of goods and the industrial area.  Don’t ask.

And I came home and watched Big Love.  I thought I would die when they started playing that song, you know the one.

Will you miss me when I’m gone…

Except they forgot some of the lyrics.

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