This left in the mail today.  In return, we received only junk mail.

“I asked for bread and butter, and you have given me CAKE.

Except not really at all.  I just had a little Importance of Being Earnest moment there.   It was either that or compose a mail-related troparion.  “We received only junk mail in the sixth tone…”  Very appropriate, really.  Hearken unto me!  Except I can’t really complain, since I received my own March letter on Friday.  It helped lighten up that old Roman feeling.  That and a new set of tires (set?  gaggle? herd? murder? flock?) I just want the letter to arrive already (well, you should’ve written it sooner…) so I can share the whole story behind it.

Even with one letter written today, that still leaves me three more to reply to.  My letter-receiving up runneth over.

I’m drinking Earl Grey and eating chocolate chips (shutup) while I wait for a batch of banana oatmeal muffins to reach optimal brownness on their darling little tops.

Reading: Inkheart, The Case of the Missing Books.

Listening to: Whale Talk, I Am the Messenger

Whale Talk hereby joins Dairy Queen in the “YA books about sports, but I love the book anyway” category.  It’s a small one, but it’s growing.