• Anyone else following the Tournament of Books?  I’ve only read a couple (Arthur & George and One Good Turn) but I like reading the judging anyway.  And having opinions.
  • I’m contemplating the whole “calling in sick to job #2 in order to go to church” thing again.  And by contemplating I mean that I’m debating how to phrase it when I call in sick.  I can work job #1 (library all the way) tomorrow and get off at the perfect time to go to Pre-Sanc and chill with the bishop (who is now, apparently, even bishopier than he was before.  Axios.)  It will only be my 2nd Pre-Sanc of Lent.  I’ll only miss a measly 3 hour shift.
  • Sunday is Annunciation.  What do I bake?  I’ve got some pretty mad vegan baking skills going on, especially with the introduction of coconut oil into my life.  I’m thinking about some chocolatey cupcakes.
  • 24.  I’m watching it.  Last season.  As Jack would say, “we’re running out of time!”  I’ve got to get through two whole discs by tomorrow if I’m turning that puppy in on time.  Not gonna happen.