Today is Day Four of No Work.  Perhaps the longest I’ve gone without working since…okay, maybe I had some time off in January, but I’m pretty sure I used all those days to go to school.  Tomorrow I work at the library, Thursday I drive to Seattle.  For school.

How am I celebrating my days of freedom, you ask?

By starting Quilt #2.  The cutting is done, and a bit of the sewing.  It’s fairly small, with largish pieces because I’m LAZY (sorry, Di).  But it is so pleasing to cast my gaze to the side and see it laid out, ready for my crafty hands to assemble it.

Today I thought to myself, “self, why haven’t you been reading much lately?” And I think the truthful answer is because I’m reading Inkheart, and I really really want to love it, but it’s really really not pulling me in.  My mind likes it, but my heart loveth it not.  And I’m trying to be good and only read one thing at a time (audio books excepted) and I just need to FINISH it.  Tell me it’s worth it, please?  Convince me?

This morning my mom and I went to the Japanese Garden, which is lovely and atmospheric in the drizzle and would be a lovely place to get away to, but $8?  Are you serious, Japanese Garden?  That’s a lot to pay for walking around for an hour and admiring your cunning little bridges and your raked gravel and your delicious variety of paving stones.  Also your budding trees and your waterfalls.  I know you have bills to pay, Garden, but if it weren’t for that handy dandy pass from the library, I would continue to live my life in Portland without ever visiting you.  I’d rather spend my $8 on more chocolate, because I’m fresh out.

Also, I forgot to take my camera, so instead of nature, here’s more fabric.  Mmm, fabric.