People.  If I’d moved to Seattle I’d be in shape, because just walking up and down the campus, damn, that’s some exercise.  Instead, I sit at home on the couch with my laptop.  Yeah.  Good choice.  On the other hand, of course, there’s the whole ‘didn’t want to leave Portland/expense/fitting in work with attending classes/people in Portland/etc’ thing.  Yeah.  Of course, there’s always actually, um, more exercise in Portland.  Lazy monster.

I was in class from 8am-5pm today.  Exhausted.  Dragged myself back to the hotel and collapsed with Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe (okay, what’s with the title?  I liked the ring of The Many Lives and Secret Sorrow of Josephine B.  That was fun.  This?  Sounds like a bad romance novel.  Or part of the voice-over from a movie preview.  “Tales of passion!  Tales of woe!  Coming soon to a theater near you!”)

Oh Lis!  Why did you have to move to Germany?  I miss hanging out with you and Tyler.  Our games of gin rummy.  Our little family dinners.  Instead, I’m pretending to be reading (yawn) an article for my 8am class tomorrow, but really I’m watching What Not to Wear.  Which I’ve never seen before.  But something about a hotel room just screams ‘turn on the TV.’  It really really makes me want some new clothes.

But, on the other hand, I’ve done a lot of people watching here at the U and I’ve got to say…Thank God I’m not an undergrad anymore.  No judgment, but these poor young people either looks frumpy or anemic.  It makes me feel older in the best possible way.   Not even so much clothes as just…sense of self.

Also, let’s talk about the cell phones.  And the fact that every other person on campus has one glued to the ear.  I’ve been guilty of this (thanks a lot, Jenna) and certainly that’s part of the point of cell phones – that you can talk with a friend, or take care of that pesky mysterious German medical title that appeared on your school library account, while you’re out of town.  But it’s like every single student MUST be on the phone ALL the time outside of class.  What gives?