What, oh what shall I bring to the feast on Saturday night?  There’s that old standby, the tiramisu.  There’s something involving a berry sauce (although that might prove messy and is perhaps best relegated to the Sunday festivities themselves, like a cheesecake).  There’s good ol’ cheese.  And salami.  Last year I think I did chicken wings.  I’m leaning towards a savory.  I need to start flipping through cookbooks for ideas.
I finished the second Josephine book, and now await the third.  I started Ali & Nino, which I quite like.  I also starting (be still my beating heart) The Invention of Hugo Cabret.   I’m not very far in, but this is my advice to you.  Get it.  I dare you to resist those first few pages.

I had to go back to work yesterday.  I’d had ten days away from corporate job (although I went to the library a few times in there) and it was painful to walk back in.  I never know what kind of mess I’ll come back to, literally on my desk (which gets used while I’m gone), or who will have filled in for me, and which reports they’ll have neglected to run, and what kind of administrative changes will have gone down in my absence.  I was steeling myself as I walked in, but it was pleasantly not as bad as it could’ve been.  And now this week, I only have to work there Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday I have off at both jobs so I go to services and nap.  Wednesday would be library day except, providentially, I have it off since I worked Sunday, so I don’t even have to beg off to attend Unction.