I’m being taunted.  All I want for Pascha is a little lamb.  Sure, cheese and eggs and ice cream and all those things would be nice, too, but the lamb is really calling out to me.

Today, as I walked to the grocery store, I saw a woman crossing the street with something large & pinkish & wrapped in plastic over her shoulder.  Hmm, I thought, what could that be?  It looks suspiciously like a dead animal.  A slaughtered, skinned, ready to be cut up and cooked animal, and she was walking towards a restaurant.  A pig?  A goat?  Her van gave me the answer – it was a lamb.  She was carrying a fresh lamb across the street and all I could think was…I want some lamb.

Not a whole lamb, mind you.  I’d go for a roast, or some skewered chunks, a chop…

I have to pat myself on the back, though, because apparently despite my erratic cooking & eating habits over the last several weeks, my body hasn’t gone crazy craving anything.  Usually by this time I have a solid hankering for eggs, and sure they sound good, and even that lamb hankering – that’s more for the taste than a “give me protein NOW” thing.  I guess all those beans paid off.

Lamb Fest 2007: my place, Sunday the 15th.  Barring my being invited to a lamb brunch this Sunday, or lamb’s appearance on the potluck tables at church, it will be a lambless Pascha.  To make up for that, I declare Thomas Sunday as Lamb Fest 2007.  Come on over.