Holy Week seems to be a good time to catch up on all those craft projects sitting around.   In previous years I’ve tended towards knitting, but this year I bring you the 2007 Holy Week Handicraft:

You don’t really want it, do you Di?  Because it sure looks nice on my couch.  And on me.

In other news, the weather this week is such that if Pascha and the Other Easter weren’t on the same day this year, I would so be judging them for their weather.  Oh ho, sunny on Holy Friday?  That’s because you’re on the wrong calendar, suckers.  Rain predicted for Sunday?  Oh, boo hoo.  And so on.  In my head.

But, the calendars are the same this year.  And it was indeed glaringly hot on Holy Friday.  And it is indeed dripping right now.  And probably the procession will get rained on.  And our candles will go out.  So I suppose…I can’t really judge.

Yesterday I did the customary Holy Friday grocery store run.  You know, the one where you stock up on all manner of dairy products.  I bought: fresh mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, sour cream, whipping cream, Greek style yogurt, buttermilk, eggs, and Italian sausage.  And some other boring things like pasta and tomato sauce (most of that cheese is going into a potluck baked ziti).  The sour cream and whipping cream shall be put to use in a chocolate bundt cake.

I suppose I ought to get up and shower and go see people baptized.  The getting up is the hardest part.