• I ate too many tiny malt eggs.  Why does my mom bother giving me other candy? Just malt eggs, please.
  • Curtains are (finally) in the works.  Green.
  • I have no food except dairy and eggs.  I need to go buy some meat.
  • Annie and I went to Genie’s for breakfast.  Mmm, eggs.
  • Coffee + cream.  Yes, please.
  • I wish I had the will-power to go to church at 5:45 am.  I don’t.  What’s with all the super-early liturgies this week?  Don’t sleeping in and Bright Week go hand in hand?  Why doesn’t the church calendar revolve around MY work schedule?
  • I feel overwhelmed by the variety of food that I’m now allowed to eat.  Where do I start?
  • My sleep cycles are messed up.  I slept 5am-noonish on Sunday.  1:30am-9:30 am today, and I had a tough time falling asleep.  I’m tired now, but I have no inclination to go to sleep.
  • Perhaps, instead of going to sleep, I’ll polish off The Last Great Dance on Earth (the third Josephine book).  I got all excited when it mentioned Elba, because I have fond memories of nearly hiking myself to death there.  I ought to dig up pictures, although the most vivid stuff is in memory – sweat, tea, ice cream, and swimming.
  • I am way too excited about using fabric scraps to make a doll blanket for little miss eagle.  Although she implied that each of her dollies might require a blanket, so I suppose I’ll be in business for a while.
  • More festal pictures to come.

Demanding?  I’m never demanding…

I never make silly faces, either.