Bright…Wednesday?  I sure hope it’s Wednesday, because if it’s any other day of the week, I’m late for work.  Still rainy and overcast.

Eating warm chocolate cake with a scoop of coffee ice cream.  Reading The Way of the Storyteller and alternately feeling enthusiastic (nothing is lost!) and rejected (she can be a trifle elitist, she can).  But mostly inspiring.  Makes me want to rush out and listen to as many storytellers as possible.  And find the stories I want to tell.  I’ve never really done it, real storytelling, not out loud.  But I’m in love with the idea of taking on a story to such a degree that you can tell it from memory – not word for word, but as something alive and dynamic each time you tell it.  And that one’s experiences and life go into stories as into a compost heap, that life feeds on stories and vice versa.

In other news, March book tallies are in.  My grand total was 17, with a good balance between juv and adult – 10 to 7.  I also got caught up on this year’s Newbery Honor titles, which I both enjoyed, especially Hattie Big Sky (I read Rules last year).  Only eight of my seventeen counted (by my loose standards) as historical fiction, so almost half.  So far this month it’s been ALL historical fiction, but I’m already falling behind since I’ve only read 3 in 10 days.  Horrors!

Time to skedaddle off to the library – where, I realized, I never browse.  I only put stuff on hold.  I kind of miss browsing, but my list is so long, I’ll never run out of something to read.  Not to mention the books I own that remain unread…