I could probably get my school reading done much faster if I didn’t stop to chuckle over phrases like that.  That’s describing a library catalog lacking in organizational elements.  Yep, much as the cataloging class is (yawn) boring, it’s right up my library nerd fighter alley.  I’m so used to the idea of a library catalog that it’s hard to step back and think about it.  It just is, and I use it…except for those days at work when I’m creating spanking new entries in the catalog.  Which, of course, are then replaced with fuller records by our network staff, but still.

My OCD personality disorder side wants to take the whole catalog and clean it up.  Make everything connect like it should, link to proper subject headings blah blah even though I would rather stick needles in my eyes than actually do that all day.

Ahem.  Back to the real world.

I’m listening to Just Listen (appropriate, huh?) now that my car stereo miraculously returned to life.  It stopped, a few weeks ago, and even though I was getting used to the silence, I would still punch buttons once in a while in the hopes that rumors of its death had been greatly exaggerated.  And yesterday it worked!  So I stuck a half-finished tape back in and chortled with glee.  Of course, yesterday was the day that a print copy of Just Listen finally came in on hold so I could finish the story.  But I won’t tempt fate by returning it just yet…