Last night I “couldn’t put down” Just Listen.  call me crazy, but I was lying on the couch listening to it and playing solitaire.  (Kitri, it’s time for you to come home!)  It’s one of the stories where you talk back to the characters when they make stupid (but in character) decisions.  Hmm, just yesterday I was counseling Q on her use of the word stupid (“not a nice thing to say” blah blah) and here I am using it.  Must curb hypocrisy.  At any rate, Dessen makes a goodly effort to help us understand why the characters do what they do, and they feel alive and breathing, the sisters feel like sisters and the love interest isn’t too pat.  What feels odd, to me at least, is the way the fluffy elements (clothes, the girly feel, etc) get mixed in with the serious (major secret keeping all around, although we, the readers, are privy to it all).  But, I suppose that’s life.  The blend is appealing – it’s not a dark, depressing book, neither is it all fluff – but it sometimes jarred me.

Speaking of Library Thing, I think I like the idea more than actually maintaining it. Well, huh.  I was just going to mess around with mine, and it’s disappeared.  It’s doesn’t even recognize my email address.  The Case of the Missing Library Thing.  Now I’m annoyed.  Oh well, that brings me to Revish, which is more keeping track of reading lists, what you’re currently reading, and reviews.  Quite handy is the section, as you add a title to your “to read” list, that allows you to add comments.  Like who recommended a book, which is something I’m constantly forgetting.  I keep meaning to keep more detailed records of what I read, especially the children’s and YA stuff, so that I have a decent annotated list to fall back on for recommending.   So I’m giving it a try (I’m jessmonster, of course, if you go looking for me).

It’s time for making banana bread, and figuring out what I’m going to eat this week.  Last week I made a half-pan of baked ziti and it lasted pleasantly through all the days I needed to pack meals or reheat something quickly.  I need to find this week’s equivilant, perhaps a soup.