Awesome.  Someone found me by searching for “stale chocolate cake.”  That’s me.  Actually, I’m fresh out, but that bundt cake I made for Easter (Easter at the cousins’ and not Pascha at the church) was delicious after it got stale, warmed up and with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Moving right along.  I’m so glad I pushed through and finished the marvelousness that is Peace Like a River, because it had one of those endings that makes you all nervous, and and you feel your own breath catch when your narrator is having trouble breathing, and you worry about how it will end, and then the ending is just so spot on perfect, in tone and character and joy that you have to run around and scream “read this!” for a while.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Longer review at Revish.  And it’s been added to my Read These section as well.  Thanks to Stonecutter Annie for rooting for the book and making me finish it (any time I considered just returning it to the library, I thought of her and how she’d loved it).

Now for a second cup of coffee and some banana bread.  My how times flies when you catch up with your prodigal roommate, walk through the wildlife refuge, and finish a good book.