Saturday morning.  Instead of sleeping until the last possible moment, I heard the siren call of The Queen of Attolia and got myself halfway up.

Here’s what happened.  I raved about the series to my roommate.  She read The Thief, and did that chuckling-while-you-read thing, and I constantly asked “which part are you at?”  “What’s funny?”  You get the idea.  My the time she moved on to Queen, I couldn’t wait any longer to reread the series.  Plus, I have a really terrible memory for plot points.  I’ll remember the characters, and the main arc of the story, a few random scenes, and how I feel about it, but most of a book flies right out of my mind.

These are books that bear rereading.  I found myself flipping pages back thinking “she foreshadowed this, didn’t she?” or “wasn’t that an odd comment?  Will it matter…OH.”  Lots of light-bulb moments.  Lots of clever foreshadowing and hints about what the characters aren’t telling you.  In fact, that might be my favorite aspect of the series.  How much the characters keep hidden.  With clues, of course, for the reader.

“‘We might someday attain a relationship of mutual respect,’ [the magus] said softly. First, I thought, I will see gods walking the earth.”  

Yesterday at at work I was helping to set up for the annual volunteer brunch.  Which I attended from the age of 9 until high school.  It’s always in the children’s department, tables set up in any possible space and catered by a local drive-in.  Yeah, you read that right.  We do things classy.  Apparently another library in the county has theirs at the country club.  Hmm.  And they’re fighting the redistribution of tax funds so that the poorer libraries get a tiny bit more?  We all had a good chuckle over imagining our brunch at a country club.  Ah well, time to really get up and get ready to go hobnob with the volunteers.