You remember Crazy Neighbor?  Yeah, him.  The one who threatened the old upstairs tenants.  The one whose smoking caused them to leave.  The one who went on numerous 30 second car trips everyday until he totaled his car.  The one who we suspected of blackmailing our landlord, and dealing drugs, and evading court summons.  The one we knew was behind on his rent.  That’s the one.

He’s gone.


I suspected something was up yesterday, when a lot of trash appeared on the curb with “free” signs.  And today my dear roommate texted me to say “he’s moving!”  I came home from work to see an empty apartment next door, with our landlord whitewashing the place, along with his extended family – his wife, the grandmother, and their two (!) children.

When on earth did they have a second child?  Babies seem to be appearing faster than those pesky grain moths we had.  Hmm, that’s not a very pleasant image.  But they’re everywhere.  On the streets.  At church.  I know of at least four babies born in the past month.  I’m probably forgetting another half dozen.  Which is not to say that I’m complaining, especially as I’ve been bestowed an unexpected godson* out of the bunch, it’s just…overwhelming.

*Godson to be?  Pre-godson?  How does one say?  I’m expecting, as it were.