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(April Modern Letter, sent off at the last moment on the 30th)

Odd how you can go along not really thinking about things, and then someone asks “how have you been?” and all of a sudden you have to stop and consider, how have I been?  The answer isn’t immediately there, ready to be presented.  You’ve just been going along, good and bad.

Which reminds me of my near-constant efforts to work on being a friendlier person.  As in, not the one that scowls at you.  Not outgoing, mind you, that would be heresy to an introvert.  Not necessarily Friendly.  But…friendlier.   It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

I’m currently listening to two very different and absorbing audiobooks.  Plus reading an absorbing book.  It wreaks havoc on my brain sometimes, the transition.  I might be at home reading The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf and considering the modest lowering of the gaze as a form of flirting amongst Hoosier Muslims (and how well I would fit into that – I can lower my gaze expertly!) and then I’ll drive to work listening to Fortress of Solitude which washes over me in waves of delicious phrases like “Isabel was a knuckle” (can’t you just picture her?) and finally I’ll be at work with the ipod and listening to the high school-vampireness of Twilight (what’s with vampires these days?  I am so beyond not getting it as a genre, but I enjoy specific titles, like this or The Historian).  It hurts, I tell you.  And now will I crawl into bed and read for a bit or listen for a bit?

May Day…I ought to scan pictures of the old gang with our flower and leaf wreaths on our heads.  Those were the days, the May Pole and the flowers.  I would gladly go back to grade school for a few days, especially if it consisted mainly, as it does in my memory, watercolors, knitting, freeze tag, French and German lessons, beeswax sculpture, and singing.  Oh, and stories to explain things like division.

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