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Just got around to tallying reading totals for April.  Slim.  Twelve titles total, 3 adult and 9 children’s/YA.  Only one audiobook.  A goodly chunk of historical fiction – only 3 were actually contemporary settings.

Favorite of the month is definitely Peace Like a River, although that Attolia rereading scheme was Addiction of the Month.  So far in May I’ve knocked out a book a day, something I’m not likely to keep up as I’m trying to catch up on schoolwork this week, a light snack of bibliographic records.

The solution to my overflowing bookshelves seems to be lending, so borrow away.  I’ve got a lovely copy of The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf which, true to recommendations, I loved.  I was torn between loving it for a glimpse into a culture I don’t know – Muslims in America – and for a culture I do know – religious outsiders.  Plus, they’re in Indiana, and I’m an Indy export.  There was a scene at the end, when Khadra goes back to a gathering of the community she hasn’t been with in years, and what she thinks is precisely how I often feel about my own church community:

Wrong they may or not be, but still.  I would not have a single one of them harmed.  I’d–I’d–here the melodramatic Syrian in Khadra waxes lyrical, I’d give my life to protect any of them, if it came to that!  Well, or something.  Something pretty close to that.  Wrong and mulish they could be, but dear to her, and maddening and conformist and awful, but full of surprising beauty sometimes, and kindness, and, then, just as full of ugliness and pettiness and, overall, really quite mediocre mostly.  But no, some were really quite remarkable, possessed of nobility and courage–yet the pride, the pride of holding themselves above the way they do, and thinking they know.  In the end, then, they were just so very human and vulnerable, like anyone else.

Jenna, I think you’d enjoy.  You can have it when you return The Thief – wait, I lent you something else, too, yes?  Oh right, The Woman in White.  I kinda forced that one on you.

On the bookshelf/next to my bed:

  • The Changeling (autographed!)
  • Now is the Hour
  • Roller Skates
  • Perfume
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society
  • The Case of the Missing Marquess
  • Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading
  • The Fortress of Solitude (in the car)
  • The Double Bind (in the process of going on the ipod)

Which is not to mention all the holds piling up in my basket at work…
*Patrick Wilson, “The Bibliographical Universe”

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