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Did you know that Jessmonster anagrams into Jest Sermons?  Now you do.

I’ve discovered a great thing to do with challenged books.   If rumor has it that they’re lacking in moral fiber, just take them to your neighborhood pub and read them over a beer and some fries.  That’s what I did to The Bermudez Triangle after work on Wednesday.  I tucked it in my bag and walked it on over, and we sat down at the only free seat and ordered ourselves a pint and sprinkled malt vinegar on our fries and listened to the large group of people singing oldtimey ballads and such.

No, I’m not kidding about that last part.  I was just tucking into the books and the fries when I hear them burst into song.  At first it sounds like they’re just singing on a whim, perhaps they had a few pints too many, but they sound far too good for that.  Turns out they’re a group that gets together and sings traditional English songs and such.  Because they just kept singing.  So I had musical accompaniment for all that moral fiber.  I mean, beer.

Next up on the reading list was The Mysterious Benedict Society, and I’ve just thought of the perfect child to recommend it to.  It felt like a cross between The Westing Game and A Series of Unfortunate Events…with fab illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.  In fact, I would’ve liked to see more illustrations and perhaps the text cut down a wee bit.  I kept thinking “surely I must be further along than this.”  But no.  Plenty of riddles and smart characters and adventure and orphans, all good, but I didn’t particularly attach to any of the characters.  But fun all the same.  Great names.  An island called Nomansan Island.  A character named Kate who would prefer to be known as The Great Kate Weather Machine.  I was able to read through the cryptic messages pretty quickly but I felt totally stumped when it came to some things – like the note at the end saying that you can figure out Mr. Benedict’s first name “if you are acquainted with the code.”  What code?  I feel very dim.  Also, there’s a character named Ledroptha Curtain – a name that you know must be a reference/puzzle, like Nomansan Island – but for the life of my I can’t figure it out.  I’m off to explore the website in the vain hope that all will be explained to poor me.

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