That gorgeous Saturday I spent hunched over my computer doing subject indexing paid off.  A++++!  Actually, no, just a plain old 4.0, but as that’s the best you can do (no A++++ in grad school) and the best I’ve ever done on an assignment so far – I call it a victory.  Especially since I wasn’t at all expecting such a good grade, and in fact opened the email with much trepidation.

Which reminds me that I really ought to be catching up on what I meant to do last week before I got sidetracked by pain and snot.

But let’s talk about my other illustrious accomplishments instead.  Sunday was my parents’ annual Turkey Dinner in May, and my crisp and I placed proudly at 2nd place in the side dish contest.  Unfortunately my prize was a huge Thanksgiving themed table/hat playing “Turkey in the Straw” when you press a wing, but I’m not complaining as I munch the leftover crisp.  Rhubarb-strawberry-marionberry, from this Mixed Berry Crisp recipe.  And again with the hilarious comments on recipes online, but I noticed a comment saying the topping ought to be doubled…and here I was thinking the topping was a bit excessive, although quite tasty.  To be honest, I did very roughly double the entire recipe, but still.  And that’s the last of last summer’s berries.  Time to go strawberry picking with Di and in turn introduce her to the joys of the church blueberries when the time is ripe.

I can’t stop reading.  It’s all I want to do, besides lie in the sun and bake (as in, crisps and pastries, not as in bake myself) and alternate cups of coffee and tea.  I whizzed through a couple slim YA books over the weekend, despite working, and now am firmly into Miss Garnet’s Angel, which is calling to me right now.

So much to do!  Can it be June 7th already with my last 2 assignments safely turned in, so that I can take care of everything else?