I do this thing where I’m listening to one of my cataloging lectures, and in an ideal world I’m looking at the slides/taking notes as I listen, and I get blog brainstorms and am about to head over here…when I remember that none of the information from the lecture gets absorbed if I’m writing at the same time.  That’s the problem with this whole distance learning gig.

And now that I’ve finished my hour and a half of lectures on controlled vocabularies, I can’t remember what it was I wanted so desperately to write about.

It probably had something to do with the fact that I read 19 book in May and how if I’d devoted that time to classes, I would be a model, top-notch student.  I would also have been bored out of my mind for a month.  Okay, say I’d only read 10 books in May…that would’ve been an awful lot more time spent “learning” with still a good chunk leftover for comfort/entertainment/bedtime reading.

Here’s the breakdown, an exercise that I like to think of as “goals achieved” and “accountability” rather than “obsessive-compulsive listing” or “bragging.”

  • 2 audiobooks
  • 2 non-fiction
  • 4 adult
  • 6 YA
  • 8 more children’s than YA, although where is the line, really?  I took a YA class and I still can’t decide.
  • 2 mysteries
  • 1 vampire book
  • 1 food book
  • 1 book book
  • 1 challenged book
  • 1 lab rats book
  • 2 more or less fantasy
  • 3 historical fiction

Plus, I finished my first June book last night (Dramarama) and I’m nearly done with two audiobooks (The Double Bind on ipod and To Love and Be Wise in the car).  I’m already planning how many books I’m going to read over the summer.  I want to hearken back to my middle school days when I would tackle things like The Count of Monte Cristo or Villette over the summer.  Can’t say I enjoyed them, and perhaps I’ll choose more carefully these days, but I long for that Summer Reading Sensation.  Perhaps I’ll finally finish Crime and Punishment.

Speaking of summer reading, I only agreed to work an extra shift today because I’ll be in the children’s department and it’s the first Saturday of summer reading.   I’m looking forward to 5 hours and 15 minutes of signing younguns up for the awesomeness that is the Best Thing About Summer (after the Sunshine and Being Out of School).  I have really vivid memories of being a kid and setting a goal and tallying up my books and going in for prizes.  And now I’m on the other side of the very same desk.  Bliss.

That was the first time I started counting my books, and probably the second was in 7th grade when we kept reading journals for Mrs. Morgan (the very same who read The Giver aloud to us) and she would write lovely comments in them.  Goodness, I wish I still had that journal.  Not that I needed any encouragement about books being fun and good, but her influence certainly didn’t hurt.