Lazy.  I am so lazy.  I look at my last assignment of the quarter and think, “boring.  I don’t want to do that.”  Because it’s all about proving that you understand, right?  But to prove it you just have to slug through all these things.  You’re not accomplishing anything.  You don’t even have a nicely written essay to show for it, or a diorama (yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever made a diorama), or a book review, or a recorded story…you just have a glorified, graded exercise.  I’d rather go to work and apply the ideas practically (which, it turns out, I kind of get to do.  THAT is fun.)   I’m just not in the right mindset to tackle line by line analysis of a thesaurus.

I keep thinking, maybe after I drink this cup of coffee, or after I eat lunch, or after I pay this bill, or after I go buy a loaf of bread.

No, no, no, still no.

Let’s talk about books instead, okay?

I finished listening to To Love and Be Wise.  Definitely not the best Tey out there.  It pales next to Brat Farrar or Daughter of Time or Miss Pym Disposes.  But hey, I’ll take all the Tey I can get.  I also just had the brain flash to try and order the out of print novels through a lovely little thing called the Orbis Cascade Alliance.  When they just call it “the Alliance” it cracks me up, but it’s fab and I can get books sent from any college in the NW to my doorstep (and by doorstep, I mean my alma mater).  So I’m getting a few new-to-me Teys sent over.

The new audiobook in the car is Bel Canto.  It feels very…carefully constructed.  I’m not very far in.  New on the ipod is Water for Elephants.  Good use of two narrators – one as old Jacob, one as young Jacob.  Old Jacob is so old-sounding he’s almost hard to understand – makes you feel like you’re listening to your cranky grandfather tell stories.

On the nightstand, being read one chapter at a time, is M.F.K. Fisher’s The Art of Eating.  I’d had her in the back of my mind as someone to try, and when I stumbled across a copy at work (badly in need of a new cover) I sent it to be recovered and then checked it out.  She alternately makes me hungry and disgusted (last night’s chapter was on medieval cookery).  And goodness, they don’t bind books like they used to, do they?  That puppy’s been around since before metro-area addresses were standardized – it has the old property stamp – and is in better shape than most 2006 books on the shelves.

My latest rave-while-reading title is The Lightning Thief.  It’s made of awesome.  I could give you so many examples (Zeus in a pin-striped suit?) but I’ll let you see for yourself.  Book Two is on my summer reading list.

While trying to renew a copy of The Golden Compass, I noticed that one of its subject headings is:

  • Missing persons — Experiments — Fiction

    Huh?  You’re telling me that’s the best you could do?  Kidnapping, fantasy, arctic regions-fiction – now those make sense.  But the combination of missing persons and experiments is just…bizarre.  It is, naturally, the only title in the county with that heading.  Where is Library Girl when you need her?