It’s official.  I’m on summer break.  I’ve turned in my last assignments, I have contributed to the discussions, I sent my professor links to the discussions I participated in, I have assessed my storytelling, I have half-heartedly finished the last two weeks worth of lectures.


Actually, it’s more like ‘shower, here I come’ and then ‘woo, breakfast’ and then ‘oh goody, work’ and finally I will hit the road and go visit Town Pocket.  I am stocked with audiobooks (like I’ll even finish Bel Canto with my roundtrip four hours in the car, let alone start on The History of Love (yes, I’m trying it again, thinking that maybe with the audiobook it will be harder to ‘put down’ – I will be a captive audience in my car) but just in case!)

It hasn’t sunk in yet.  Relative freedom.  Maybe after I eat something I’ll feel more excited.   Or maybe after I move away from the glow of the computer screen.

For the last few years, the only time I’ve been out of school since kindergarten, I wanted summer to feel thrilling but it never quite did.  There’s something about that break in routine that happens when you’re in school, that feeling of release.  Even when you still have two jobs to go to, there’s this marker that says Now It’s Summer.  It forces you to snap awake and take a look around.  Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.  The big seasonal marker, more than a solstice or a holiday that has nothing to do with the season, like Memorial Day.  I plan on making the most of this summer.