Volume 1: So Far

Visited Town Pocket in Oly, which was a lot of relaxing.  Sitting around fending off the affections of her cat, drinking cocktails, trying on jewelry, eating brunch, watching terrible, horrible movies (if you ever consider watching one called Palindromes, just don’t).  I raided her bookshelf and somehow managed to read an entire book in my 37 hour visit.  I just couldn’t stop myself.

When I got home, the whole book addiction thing continued.  After 2 hours of Bel Canto, I found myself bringing the tapes into the house and listening to the rest of the book.  Which ended just in time for me to compose myself before heading to work.  It was one of those books that fools you into thinking, “maybe there will be a happy ending” just as the characters are lulled into thinking the same thing.  And then, you can imagine.  Well worth being put through the wringer, though.  And I got lots of things done while I listened, like laundry and dishes and sweeping and unpacking.

Today I pretended to be productive.  I did things like visit the new bookstore around the corner, pretending that I was looking for a book for father’s day but really just perusing the new fiction section and spotting several interesting titles that I’ve already forgotten.

Now it’s all iced coffee and blog reading and pulling weeds from the garden and admiring the things that are finally willing to bloom.