I’m alive, but apparently I don’t have much to say. Apparently that’s what happens when I don’t spend as much time on the computer…

Klamath Falls was a success, unless you’re my mom who couldn’t seem to make exits. We’d be driving along, talking about stopping in Eugene and looking around the U of O campus, and I’d pull out the atlas to look at something and say, “um, Mom? I think we’re about 10 miles past Eugene.” Apparently you can blink and pass the Eugene exits, at least if you’re her. She blames us for not keeping a better eye on the exits. Then there was the whole Crater Lake incident, in which we again drove past two different routes before realizing and turning around. Again, where did the blame fall? On all of us. Notice that the other person who drove half the time (cough, me) didn’t miss any exits. But we survived! And didn’t kill each other! And I finally made it to one of those famous Northwest landmarks that everyone and their brother has been to except me (next up, Mt. St. Helens).

There was a lot of rearranging things to fit in the car, milkshakes, a run-in with a tornado of bugs (got to wait for Joe’s pictures for that).

Since then, there’s been badminton, birthday cake, ribs, strawberry picking, crisp, sewing, tearing hair over tiny garments, modern letters, roast beets, local lamb, and a tiny bit of reading.