With the exception of The Wednesday Wars (awesome, awesome, awesome) I haven’t met a book I loved in a while.  Okay, in a week or so.  But still!  I’m plugging through The Nature of Monsters because I want to know what will happen – but honestly, I don’t care about Eliza, or Mary, or anyone.  The details are riveting and I often feel like I’m in the room with them, but that’s always followed by an “eww” reaction because it’s 1718 and things are grimy and sweaty and there’s always at least one character who’s under the weather.  There’s lots of vomiting, and nightmares, and icky men.  A boatload of unsympathetic supporting characters – there has only been ONE exception to this and I’m almost done.  So, while I’m going to finish it, I won’t recommend it unless you want to feel like you’re an indentured servant in 18th century London, okay?

In the car I still have The History of Love, and things were going well, I was enjoying the old guy voice of Leo, but then we got to Alma…who sounds like she ought to be reading chick lit or the peppier kind of YA.  She does a terrible fake British accent for her mother’s voice, and forgets to switch back to American teenager until halfway through the next sentence of narrative.  Ugh.  I don’t particularly care about the characters, either, although I do think I’ve gotten further than last time.  Perhaps I need to switch back to the book.  Especially since three other people have it on hold and there’s only this one copy.  But I don’t have a back-up car book yet!  So I’ll give it a bit longer.

But The Wednesday Wars.  I think it was even better than his first, Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy.  It felt very balanced – plot, characters, humor, sadness, pain, joy.  There’s plenty of Shakespeare, a great teacher, rats on the loose, cream puffs, and the feeling that you’re in 7th grade again.  But in a good way.

And in unrelated news, sweet victory!  I managed to sew the sleeves on to the teensy baptismal gown.  Sleeves are, and there’s no other way to put this, a bitch.  I’m never sewing a sleeved garment again.  Well, maybe.  And when I said teensy, I meant huge because this thing is LONG for how big it is on top.  And it’s not even a traditional baptismal gown pattern, just a transformed sleeper gown.  I think I have the sewing bug again because I fell asleep thinking of things to make and how delicious it looks when the pieces come together into a Something.