It’s apparently baking week chez Monster & Kitri.  The mixer has been in near-constant use since yesterday afternoon.  First there was the bundt cake, then K threw together an “it’s a girl” cake for a coworker, then frosted it, then I whipped cream for my cake, then this morning it was on to muffin baking.  I tried a recipe for French Breakfast Muffins from my Savor the Flavor of Oregon cookbook (thanks, Di!  Apparently you gave it to me, um, eleven years ago for Christmas.  Wow.)  They’re nothing thrilling, but tasty.  Basic muffin base, half whole wheat flour, hint of nutmeg, and then you’re supposed to “immediately dip tops in melted butter and then in the sugar and cinnamon mixture.”  For those of you that have hands of steel, perhaps that works.  I had to let them cool a bit before they were handle-able.  Plus, since they’re warm they squish in as you complete the dipping.  They also recommend an obscene amount of sugar for the dipping – I used less than half.  Wow, I sound like those commenters for online recipes.

Anyway, they’re delicious with a hardboiled egg and an obscene amount of fresh raspberries and some Irish Breakfast.

Sunday was the baptism, finally, so I now have a leetle godson.  At the after-party, I met more people of Polish origin than I’ve met in the previous 25 years of my life combined.  Seven people born in Poland, most of the rest of Polish parents.  I felt like the freakish outsider.  Until I ate some of the Polish grandma’s pastries and everything was okay again.

The gown was large, but not disastrously so – the sleeves just needed rolling up.  I don’t have any pictures of the actual event, having a baby in my hands instead of a camera, but I can show you my first ever garment:

Ta-da!  Next up, those curtains I should’ve made months ago.

Also, lots of garden photos on flickr.