These days, it’s been more laughing at them, although we do make a nice fishbowl with our blinds open at night.

You would think that the new neighbors would be a sigh of relief after crazy old neighbor, but I do believe they’ve managed to outdo him.  I think they have a puppy – which the landlord may or may not know about – and if they don’t, I don’t want to know who they’re shouting “down” to in fake-deep voices.  They leave an unbelievable amount of trash out each week, and no recycling.  They watch LOUD movies in the small hours of the morning.  (Every time I was about to fall asleep last night, they woke me up.  I thought I left the dorms years ago?)

However, they are paving their way with good laughs.  For instance, there was the visitor they had Sunday evening, a girl of at most 20.  She parks in front of our dining room window, opens her trunk, pulls out a shirt, smells it, drapes it over her bag, and walks back and forth checking her cell.

“Hey,” I say to Kitri, “that girl just got a shirt out of her trunk and smelled it.”  A few minutes later I’m in the kitchen with a good view out the window, and I see her get back in her car.

“Now she’s changing,” I say.  “Doesn’t she realize we can see her?”  Not to mention that it’s daylight, she’s parked on a moderately busy corner, and her car is mere feet from our window.

She pulls off one tank top, pulls on the (smelled) one, and then does the take of your bra from under your shirt thing.  Classy.  Then she wiggles around a lot (we interpret this as changing pants) and applies another pound of make-up. By this time, we’re both in the kitchen.  She finally looks at our window, and Kitri gives her the “yeah, we see you” look of disdain, before turning her back.

Then she gets out, checks her phone again, and walks up to our neighbors’ door.  Yes, Kitri kept a look-out from the peephole.