The Week of the Buttermilk Blueberry Tart (seriously, I can’t type buttermilk anymore. I am compelled to add an E and make it buttermilke). Try it yourself! Slightly more complicated than last week, what with the actually making the pastry, but the filling is quite simple. I’m low on photos this week – it was hot and my hands were continuously floury.

This tart featured two new additions to my kitchen: the pastry blender and the tart pan with removable edges.

It blended very nicely, until the egg yolk and water were added and then fingers came into play. There was lots of to-ing and fro-ing – form a ball, refrigerate. Roll it out, put it in the pan, refrigerate.

Fill with beans. Bake. Cool. Fill with blueberries and top with ‘buttermilke’ mixture.

Bake. Cool.

It’s still cooling, in fact, but the mini tart made from the extra dough was delish and tided us over until tomorrow. When it shall be round about 100 degrees and I shall flee to the lake with cold leftover pizza and never dream of turning on the oven.

Edited to add…I see that Bronwen had some of the same frustrations with rounds of chilling, getting pastry into the pan (notice how I glossed over that part?  there was a minor panic and scramble for something to pry the suddenly-melting pastry off my counter.  Let us not mention it).  But the sweet-tart balance is excellent and, even in my panicked hands, the pastry is presentable.