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Going to the lake two days in a row and sitting in the shade watching kids frolic really eats up your time.  What’s even better is being the laziest adult at the lake – the only one without younguns to tend to.  I bring enough food for one, I don’t have to remember when to reapply sunscreen on little bodies, I don’t have to keep track of sand toys or inner tubes, and I get to sleep in the next morning after a hot, restless night.  Believe me, I’m enjoying my carefree existence while I’ve got it.

Yesterday I got sick of the heap of wrinkled fabric sitting on the rocking chair and decided to allow it to fulfill its destiny as curtains.  One panel down, three to go.  Surprisingly easy – cutting it into four even pieces was the hardest part.  And ironing on a hot afternoon.  Then it’s just fold, iron, fold, iron, sew, at top and bottom.  The long sides are the selvage, and look neat and presentable unless you put your nose right up to them.  Easy peasy.  And I even got around to buying proper fabric scissors when I ran to the Mill End Store for green thread.  And I even frozen a big bag of sliced rhubarb so that we can enjoy strawberry rhubarb joy in the coming winter months!  I am a domestic creature.

Un Lun Dun is going nicely although I’m not in love.  Listening to Stargirl in the car and The Secret of Lost Things at work.  Kaaterskill Falls will have to go on my recommended list whenever I get around to updating it.  And now I suppose to ought to go to work…

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